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Soft drinks, including regular and diet soda pop, fruit drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks, weaken tooth enamel. They are even harder on teeth with orthodontic “appliances,” such as braces or aligners. It is recommended that you avoid soft drinks during your orthodontic treatment so that your teeth stay healthy and strong, and you finish your treatment with a good bite and a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Why an orthodontist?Everyone deserves straight teeth.Braces are affordable.Braces are attractive.Retainers are important.What to eat with braces.Brushing and flossing.

Common Problems

Don't panic. Many issues can be fixed at home.
What to Do in Case of Emergency Call our office as soon as possible if you break or loosen any of your appliances. Please do not come directly to the office – by calling us, you will allow us to create a time to see you. Even if you have a regular appointment scheduled, call the office to let us know you need an appliance repaired. Tools & Supplies With these tools and supplies on hand, you will be prepared to handle the most common orthodontic emergencies. Non-medicated orthodontic relief wax Dental floss Sterile tweezers Small, sharp clipper Q-tips Salt Interproximal brush Toothpicks Non-prescription pain reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen Topical Anesthetic (such as Orabase or Ora-Gel) This is not an emergency, but can be a little uncomfortable or embarrassing. It is easily fixed with a piece of dental floss. Try tying a small knot in the middle of the floss to help remove the food. Or use an interproximal brush or toothpick to dislodge food caught between teeth and braces.If a rubber ligature should come off, you may be able to put it back in place using sterile tweezers. If a wire ligature comes loose, simply remove it with sterile tweezers. If the wire ligature is sticking out

It is our mission to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget! We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Our office accepts payments by cash, checks, and Visa and MasterCard. We also offer several different financing options to help you with any out-of-pocket expenses. If you have any questions about financing or payment, ask us! We will thoroughly explain your choices and work hard to accommodate your needs.


If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, in most cases, you will receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. Many insurance policies have a lifetime orthodontic benefit that is distinct from regular dental insurance. Insurance policies vary, so we will review your insurance to determine the appropriate course of action. Once treatment has started, we will file your claims. To help us with your insurance filing, be sure to update us with all insurance information and bring a copy

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